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The Sentryum (S3T) range is Riello UPS’s third generation of transformerless online uninterruptible power supplies.

Please contact us at to discuss the suitability of this UPS for your mission critical system requirements. 


Available from 10 to 40KVA\KW, the Sentryum improves on the Multi Sentry (MST) series and has been developed in tandem with extensive customer feedback. It is much easier and more cost-effective to maintain thanks to its internal layout that has been optimised to reduce the number of components, the number of interconnections and UPS foot-print. Critical parts (i.e. DC & AC capacitors) are in readily accessible locations for qualified service engineers to check\replace.This minimises Mean Time To Repair(MTTR) and maintenance costs.

The S3T redefines the concept of flexible power protection by offering different cabinet sizes to meet the varied needs of small data centres and mission-critical applications.

In summary,the Sentryum UPS has excellent reliability,Mean Time To Repair (MTTR) and Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) .


  • Emergency

  • Transport

  • Industrial

  • Medical

  • Data Centre


  • Extensive range of solutions

  • Compactness

  • Efficiency up to 96.5%

  • High power availability

  • Smart Battery Management

  • Maximum reliability

  • Flexibility of use

  • Graphic touch screen display.


Our UPS are designed and produced for long life under the severest operating conditions. Similar to all mission critical power protection equipment they require periodic checks. As some components have a life-cycle,these must be checked at regular intervals (batteries,fans, electrolytic and film capacitors).
It is critical to check the installation environment requirement provided in the “Installation manual”.
Moreover, it is recommended to implement a preventive maintenance program which can be costed for by RP Solutions.
During the Maintenance, all the electronics and the mechanicals parts will be checked. This will improve the reliability, maintain the
UPS efficiency to the maximum level and extend the lifespan.
The product reliability and resilience is ensured with a preventive and regular maintenance program.
Only authorised and trained service personnel can perform maintenance operations.
RP Solutions Servicing department is at your disposal to discuss a bespoke maintenance program to suit your needs.


Thanks to an advanced battery care system, the Sentryum range preserves the battery health both during charging and discharging modes. For
example, on battery mode, the on-board control system avoids deep discharge by constantly monitoring the cell voltage reduction. 

Ambient temperature, number of blackout or outages, number of depth discharges, frequency of charge and discharge cycles are the key
factors that affect battery life. In order to avoid unexpected behavior during a mains outage, batteries should be regularly checked and
maintained by RP Solutions authorised service personnel.


Speed controlled fans are fitted to this UPS .Ambient temperature and UPS output power affect the speed. Dust and other debris will be detrimental to fan lifespan. Preventive maintenance ensures that the cooling system is kept in perfect working order.

The most critical capacitors inside the UPS are the electrolytic capacitors fitted within the intermediate DC BUS and the AC film
capacitors used for input and output high frequency filtering. For our UPS we have selected components sized to provide maximum reliability. The expected life is dependent upon the usage and environmental conditions. 


Multi Sentry is a state-of-the-art uninterruptible power supply, achieving the highest possible level of on-line double-conversion performance (VFI-SS-111) as defined within IEC EN 62040-3.

Please contact us at to discuss the suitability of this UPS for your mission critical system requirements. 


The UPS has been designed to protect critical information and telecommunications systems, networks, services and processes whose operation could be disrupted by poor power quality and/or breaks in their mains power supply.

The sizes available include: 10-12-15-20-30-40-60-80-100-120-160-200 kVA all with a three-phase input and output.

The Multi Sentry UPS is one of the most efficient UPS available with a minimal impact on its environment and power sources.

Multi Sentry UPS are easy to install, especially on sites where there is limited power capacity available, a standby generator and potentially harmonic compatibility issues:

  • Low input current distortion – less than 3%

  • High input power factor 0.99

  • Power walk-in function to achieve progressive rectifier start-up

  • Delayed start-up on mains power supply return

  • Multi sentry also performs the role of a high specification filter, protecting its power supply sources (mains or generator) from any harmonics and reactive power generated by the loads it is powering


The Multi-Sentry Battery Care System optimises battery performance, to help extend their working life and ensure that the UPS can deliver its full-rated back-up time when called upon in an emergency.

Battery recharge: MULTI SENTRY is designed to work with VRLA AGM and GEL lead-acid batteries including open-vented types, in addition to Ni-Cads. Specific management features include:

  • One-level recharge to meet the requirements of the most common VRLA AGM batteries

  • Two voltage level recharge meeting the IU characteristic

  • Restricted charging to reduce electrolyte consumption and extend the life of VRLA batteries

  • Temperature compensation: to avoid excessive voltage being applied to the batteries in a high ambient

  • Battery test: to detect performance degradation and predict battery failure

  • Deep discharge protection: to prevent the batteries being discharged below a level from which they cannot be recovered (especially when discharged over long periods with very low loads)

  • Low AC ripple current: from a high-frequency battery charger, to ensure the batteries are not subjected to this damaging element commonly experienced with some other UPS and power supply designs

  • Wide input voltage range: from a rectifier that can work down to less than 40% of its nominal supply rating (at half load), removing the need to discharge the batteries.


Multi-Sentry can be used for a wide range of applications, thanks to its configuration options, flexibility, accessories and performance levels:

  • Suitable for powering capacitive loads, for example Blade servers – without any reduction in active power, from 0.9 leading to 0.9 lagging

  • Modes of operation include: On-Line, Eco, Smart-Active and Stand-By/Off

  • Frequency conversion mode Power Share connections for priority-based load shedding when the mains power supply has failed

  • Cold-start facility to switch the UPS on even without a mains power supply present

  • Extensive back-up time options using battery extension cabinets

  • Optional battery cabinet temperature sensor to assist the temperature compensating charger

  • Optional battery chargers to optimize recharge times

  • Optional dual input supplies

  • Optional isolation transformers for Galvanic isolation and neutral connectivity


Multi-Sentry has a large front panel graphic display providing information including: real-time measurements, operating status and alarms conditions – in eight different languages.

  • Advanced multiplatform communication, for all operating systems and network environments: PowerShield³ monitoring and shutdown software included with SNMP agent

  • Compatible with TeleNetGuard for the remote assistance service.

  • RS232 or USB serial port.

  • Three communication slots for accessories including: network adapters and volt-free contacts

  • REPO (Remote Emergency Power Off) to shut down the UPS remotely in an emergency

  • Input for connection of an auxiliary contact for an external manual bypass

  • Input for synchronisation with an external power source

  • Graphic mimic panel display for remote connection


The Multi-Sentry design provides exceptional performance and efficiency levels, within a very compact footprint and overall case design:

  • Lowest footprint in its category – 0.26m² for the 20kVA MULTI SENTRY with internal batteries

  • High efficiency up to 96% – saving up to 35% in dissipated energy in one year compared to a more traditional UPS (91%) resulting in a faster payback period of four years

  • High output power factor which at 0,9pF (1pF for models 160-200 kVA) provides up to 15% ( 20% for models 160-200 kVA) more active power compared to a more traditionally sized UPS – providing greater system expansion margin for further load increases


Master MPS series UPS devices ensure maximum protection and power quality for any type of load, especially for mission critical applications, security systems and electro-medical equipment, industrial processes and telecommunications.

Please contact us at to discuss the suitability of this UPS for your mission critical system requirements. 


Master Plus is an on-line double conversion UPS (class VFI SS 111 in accordance with IEC EN 62040-3) with a transformer isolated inverter.


Master MPS makes powering UPS devices by power generators and MV/LV transformers easier and more efficient, reducing loss in systems and coils and correcting the power factor and eliminating harmonics by the loads powered by the UPS itself.

In addition to this, the progressive start-up of the rectifier and the possibility of reducing the recharge current of the batteries, allow for the containment of the input current absorbed and therefore do not overload the source, especially when the source is a generator.



Normally the batteries are kept charged by the rectifier; when mains power fails, the UPS uses this energy source to power its utilities. Therefore, proper battery care is critical to ensuring correct UPS operation in emergency conditions.

Battery Care System consists of a series of features and capabilities that allow for battery management in order to obtain the best performance possible and extend their operating life.

  • Dual level charging regime to optimize recharge currents and reduce charge times

  • Temperature compensation and deep discharge protection to reduce overall battery ageing

  • Charge blocking system to reduce electrolyte consumption and lengthen the life of VRLA batteries

  • Battery tests to diagnose, in advance, any reduction in performance or problems with the batteries

  • Master MPS is also compatible with different battery technologies: vented open lead acid, VRLA, AGM and NiCd


Master MPS is suited to all types of applications, from computers to the most demanding industrial environments.

Thanks to the broad range of accessories and options, complex architectures and configurations can be created to ensure maximum power to critical loads: expansions (in redundancy or power) may be made in already-operating parallel systems, even without having to switch off any UPS that are already operating and thus, maintaining power to utilities.

UGS and PSJ devices also ensure redundancy in the downstream distribution of the parallel system, creating a “selective” system that provides power to other connected utilities even when there are failures on one utility.



Distributed or centralised parallel up to 8 units per redundant (N+1) or powerparallel. A parallel between models with different power levels is possible. Maximum levels of availability also in the event of an interruption to the parallel bus cable: the system is “FAULT TOLERANT”.

It is not affected by connection cable faults and continues powering the load without a continuity solution, signalling the anomaly with an alarm.



UGS – UPS Group Synchroniser Allows 2 or more non-parallel UPS devices to remain synchronised even during mains power failure. The UGS also enables a Riello UPS to be synchronised with another power source that is independent and of a different power rating.

PSJ – Parallel Systems Joiner Connects two UPS groups in parallel, hot (without output discontinuity) through a power coupling switch. A UPS group (slave) is is permanently synchronised to the Master group both when the mains supply is present or not present (thanks to the UGS synchronising device) . If there is a failure on one of the UPS devices in parallel, it is cut-off. The PSJ will automatically connect the remaining UPS to the other group in parallel via an external bypass, in order to ensure the redundancy of the load.


The UPS can be adapted to meet your requirements. Contact us to discuss the feasibility of specific solutions and options not listed in the catalogue.


  • Compatible with Teleguard for teleassistance

  • Advanced communication, multiplatform, for all operating systems and network environments: Supervision and shutdown PowerShield3 software for Windows operating systems 7, 2008, Vista, 2003, XP, Linux, Mac OS X, Sun Solaris, Linux, Novell and other Unix operating systems

  • UPS is supplied with a cable for direct PC connection (Plug and PLay)

  • RS232 double serial port

  • Slot for network adapter installation; ESD contact (Emergency Switching Device) for switching off the UPS by remote emergency button

  • Remote led mimic panel or graphic display


Next Energy is the latest UPS series designed for mission critical applications.

This three phase UPS offers transformer free double conversion technology VFI SS 111 integrating the the latest IGBT design. Next Energy is designed to meet the power requirements of tomorrow, offering the highest efficiency in the market and low running cost. Thanks to the Efficiency Control System (ECS) Next Energy also guarantees the highest levels of efficiency even at partial loads. Its unity power factor and easy system upgrading make it the ideal solution for the business continuity of any IT application.



  • High efficiency up to 97% in double conversion  kW = kVA (pf 1) up to 40°C

  • Transformerfree UPS

  • High overload capacity

  • Interactive Touch Screen

  • Full front access, back to back install

  • Outstanding performances

The state of the art technology of the Next Energy series and the careful selection of high-quality and high reliability components help to achieve first-class performance such as unity power factor (kW=kVA) and the capability to supply capacitive loads, which are very common in most Data Centres, without any power derating up to 40 °C.

Outstanding system efficiency up to 97% in ON-Line double conversion mode, increasing to 99% in Eco Mode or Smart Active Mode.

The UPS design adopts a forced ventilation method to extract the heat produced by the internal components. Specific attention has been given to ensure the best operational level and lifetime. This is thanks to the automatic fan speed control which constantly adjusts to the specific load level, the fan failure alarm and the fan redundancy.

Active ECO: in this operation mode, the bypass supply the active power while the inverter provides the reactive part of the load. This ensures the maximum level of efficiency (lower operating cost) and meanwhile a UPS input power factor close to unity, regardless of the load power factor. In addition, the inverter operation significantly reduces the harmonic content (THDi) applied to the mains supply. NextEnergy, in Active ECO mode, overcome the need for expensive power-factor-correction-systems and reduce the energy costs. Battery care system

The battery is one of the most important parts of the UPS that ensures energy and therefore the correct operation in case of mains failure. Next Energy includes all the latest features to extend the battery life and keep the battery working efficiently, as well as advising users about any potential problems. The variety of charging methods and the smart control system allows the use of the most common type of battery and technologies available on the market such as VLRA, AGM, GEL, NiCd as well as lithium Ion batteries, supercaps and flywheels.


NextEnergy can work with or without the neutral line (N). This is an important feature to reduce the TCO related to the distribution system, when the neutral line is created by an isolation transformer close to the load: for example, in the modern Data Centre, or where the neutral is not used at all. This allows reduced cost of the distribution arrangements.


NextEnergy guarantees low footprint and flexible installation.

The small footprint of the cabinet and complete front access for all maintenance activities, ensures maximum space for installation and service.

Next Energy includes top and bottom cable entry as standard, removing the need for large and costly top entry cabinets.

Ventilation is from the front to the top so no additional rear clearance required. Maximum reliability and availability

NextEnergy UPS can be connected in parallel up to 8 units to increase the capacity or add redundancy (N+1). Considering that a typical load can vary from 20 to 80%, Efficiency Control System (ECS) function optimizes the operating efficiency of the entire system according to the power absorbed by the load. This ensures higher overall efficiency during all load conditions. Hot System Expansion (HSE) allows the addition of further UPS into an existing system, without the need to switch off the operational units or transfer them to bypass mode. This guarantees maximum load protection, even during maintenance and system expansion.

It ensures maximum levels of availability - even in the event of an interruption to the parallel control cable the system is “FAULT TOLERANT”. It is not affected by connection cable faults and continues powering the load without disruption, signaling an alarm condition.


Interactive touch screen: NextEnergy is equipped with a Touch screen 7” graphic color LCD display providing all the information on the UPS, measurements, voltage and current waveforms, operating states and alarms in many different languages. The panel is used for the configuration and setting the parameters of the UPS with 3 levels of the security password based on the authorization level ensuring “actions based on skills/responsibility” policy.

Standalone UPS:*


Please attach below any supporting files containing information that will assist us in providing the most applicable UPS to suit your needs.

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