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Reliable Power Solutions has built a first-class reputation as a power protection specialist. We have worked with many of the industry's leading companies who recognise our proficiency in providing UPS and battery installation solutions.


Our dedicated service team are available 24/7 to ensure reliable operation of our contract customers' power protection systems. When mission-critical systems go down, a quick recovery is crucial.


The field-service engineers at Reliable Power Solutions will always be there to provide their expertise and support when you need it most.

Thermal Image Surveys

Heat is generated in many different ways. Thermal Image Surveys detect unforeseen problems which prevent businesses suffering costly damages that heavily impact on properties and production.

Loose connections, UPS discharging, cell breakdown, corrosion and overloading all generate heat and can cause electrical fires if preventative maintenance is not carried out.

Thermal Image Surveys help businesses protect their properties and decrease the chances of any insurance claims due to electrical fires. Customers will experience the following benefits as a result of Thermal Image Surveys:


  • Save costs

  • Improved Safety

  • Prevent unplanned downtime

  • Reduced Maintenance Costs

  • Reduced Insurance Costs

  • Improve Quality

  • Reduce Energy Consumption

Determine the performance of your UPS with load bank testing. Call us today

Load Bank Testing

Load bank testing is the provision and connection of an electrical load to a power supply, often a UPS, in order to simulate the load and integrity of a client's overall system.

Determining the performance of the UPS and its entire electrical supply infrastructure through load bank testing will help to identify potential weaknesses. Load bank testing is carried out under controlled conditions by our team of experienced professionals.

Load bank testing can also be used to discharge batteries as an effective, accurate and relatively low cost method of determining battery autonomy.

Characteristics and benefits of load bank testing include:

Load Bank Testing

  • Mobile AC/DC load banks of any size

  • Engineer-controlled tests carried out to individual requirements

  • Battery autonomy and integrity testing

  • Out-of-hours testing to suit the client’s operational requirements

Reduce the cost of your insurance with thermal image surveys. Get in touch with us

UPS Battery Replacements

Weak UPS battery blocks compromise the integrity of power protection systems. Reliable Power Solutions supply and fit UPS battery replacements, of all types, into all models of UPS and secure power systems.

Early detection of a weak UPS battery is a key benefit of regular UPS battery maintenance. Replacing a weak battery block before failure will ensure your critical power systems are always operating at their optimum level.

Additionally, we offer a UPS battery replacement programme for a wide range of battery supported UPS products. Reliable Power Solutions can supply a suitable UPS battery replacement compatible with your AC UPS, DC equipment, emergency lighting and generator starting batteries.

Battery Impedance Tests

Predicting the life-span of batteries allows businesses to accurately estimate when batteries are approaching end of life or are in need of replacement. Battery impedance tests calculate, log and plot the internal impedance of each battery on a graph.

Battery manufacturers have a defined internal impedance level for batteries which is reached over the course of a battery's life. By comparing the internal impedance values with the others, and with those obtained at the last site visit, those batteries with rising impedance values can be identified and replaced before complete failure occurs.

Clients will receive a report on the status of their batteries following a series of tests and will be advised on whether any batteries need to be replaced.

Battery impedance testing mitigates the risk of a UPS failure. Contact us below to discuss.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can Reliable Power Solutions fully protect my power requirements?

    We provide all our customers with a 24/7/365 call-out and technical support service. Our bespoke customer-specific service agreements and availability of spare parts ensures we mitigate the time needed for repairs.

  • What are the most common causes for UPS failure or bypass to utility supply?

    A non comprehensive maintenance regime where battery impedance testing is not performed and end-of-life parts are not replaced (batteries,capacitors,fans etc.) may result in a UPS failure and a switch to utility supply.

    An overload of UPS of sufficient duration and magnitude will also result in a switch to utility supply.

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